Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cute Picture Frames

Well, since we live in sunny South Florida, my students never get to have a real snow day. The first grade classes decided to create our own snow day. The student dressed up in their winter gear: jackets, gloves, hats & scarves. We had hot chocolate and snowballs (white powdered donuts) for a morning snack. We read "The Snowglobe Family," made snow globes out of construction paper, and wrote & drew about what we would do if we lived in a snow globe. We made snowflakes out of paper. Many winter-related books were read as well. We even had a snowball fight with cotton batting! My favorite thing about snow day is having the students make a snowflake decorated frame. I take each kid's picture in the "snow" to put in it. I attach a magnet to the back so they can be hung on the fridge.  I bought the foam snowflakes from Oriental Trading and just used an oval die cut to make the frame from black foam. They always turn out so cute! See for yourself.

Another great picture idea that I do is one for Valentine's Day. My students completed this one today. I took pictures of the kiddies wearing heart sunglasses in front of a red background last week and had them developed. I bought red foam hearts, valentine's ribbon, and self-stick foam hearts and sayings to make the frames. All of these items were bought at the $1.00 spot at Target. So, for only $6.00 we were able to make these terrific Valentine's frames as presents for our parents. All I had to do was punch a hole at the top of the heart, loop a ribbon through, hot glue the ribbon, use a circle cutter to cut out the pics, and glue the picture to the heart. The kiddies then decorated them using the hearts and sayings (love, kiss, hug, & xoxo). Look at these adorable frames!

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Emily Shell said...

Come to Kentucky for snow! We're supposed to get 1-4 inches tonight!! :( Monday is our make-up day for our last snow day and we may end up with another!! Love this idea though! So creative! Too Cute!!

Ms. Emily Shell