Sunday, February 19, 2012

What do Lincoln, Sundaes, and Goods & Services have in common? They're all included in this post!

President's Day is officially on Monday, but we started our president's day unit last week. We kicked it off using one of this month's Time for Kids on presidents. I added some extra information about the presidents found in the magazine and one of my kiddies asked me how I knew so much. That made me smile! They were all fascinated with the fact that the teddy bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt. We haven't gotten to Lincoln yet, but I wanted to share this cute craft with you. The three pages underneath the cover have blank lines under them so the students can list facts they learned about Lincoln.

On Valentine's Day, my students got to make ice cream sundaes for their special treat. I did this specifically because we are learning to write "How To" stories in writing. The students wrote their own version of how to make an ice cream sundae. Here is a word bank I used to help them use better word choice, especially since they like to overuse the word "put."

Here are their edited versions of their ice cream sundaes, which includes their topic sentence, three details, and a conclusion. These look so cute hanging in the hallway for everyone to read.

We just finished up our unit on Needs & Wants and Goods & Services. Here is an activity we did for Goods & Services that I tweaked from an idea from Mailbox magazine. We brainstormed a list of places under the headings Goods and Services before we began this activity. The students made two streets out of black construction paper and used a white crayon to label them Service Street and Goods Road. I had them attach them to a piece of manila paper. Then the students were to draw three buildings on each road. I, also, had them fill out a sheet I had typed up so they weren't just doing a coloring activity.

Now there you have it! Did you ever think Lincoln, Sundaes, and Goods & Services had anything in common before? Unless Lincoln went to an ice cream shop and used money to buy a sundae! It could of happened. Right?

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